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Low Vision

Do you feel the need for a magnifier for reading and other tasks?

If you attend an eye hospital it is your Consultant who needs to refer you to the Low Vision Clinic for an assessment and provision of low vision aids (magnifiers).

Do you have a magnifier? Is it difficult to use? Would you like to learn how to use it effectively?

At Bradbury Fields we can offer training in low vision and the use of low vision aids.  This specialist training will help you to:

  • Understand and use your vision in the best possible way for all tasks
  • Use magnification for things like reading, writing, hobbies, sight-seeing or mobility purposes

When you have a visual impairment there may be a need to learn specific reading strategies to enable you to read more fluently, with less frustration, by finding the best part of your remaining vision. At Bradbury Fields we can assist you to do this.

Do you have difficulty with glare from natural or artificial light? Do you struggle to distinguish objects in your environment?

Bradbury Fields offer assessment for filter glasses to cut out the light that causes you discomfort without making things too dark and so avoiding any reduction in your current vision. The filters can also enhance light and the contrast of objects in your environment. For example, making steps and kerbs stand out more to you.

If you or someone you know is blind or partially sighted and would like to use our low vision services, please fill in our referral form by clicking the button below.


If you still aren’t sure if our low vision services are for you, or if you would like a more informal chat about the services we offer please click here to contact us.