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Dine in the Dark

Plunging Diners into Darkness


Liverpool Eating Trend Plunges Diners into Darkness

“It’s a fun evening with a serious message behind it.”

Dark dining has been around since the early 2000’s, normally taking place in a dark restaurant. The idea is that not being able to see enhances other senses and improves the flavour of the food. Dine in the Dark Liverpool is different however, with events planned at many of the city’s best restaurants, ‘dark diners’ aren’t limited to one venue.

“We wanted to bring this concept to as many different venues as possible and be able to run the events alongside the restaurants’ normal services, that’s why we have opted to use blindfolds” organiser Louise Miller said.

Raising money and awareness

We organize events across the city and money raised supports our work with local blind and partially sighted people. Bradbury Fields celebrated our 160th anniversary in 2017 and was granted Freedom of the City status in 2018.

“It’s about raising money and also awareness.” Louise stated.

The first event went ahead on the 31st of July 2019 at Lunyalita at the Albert Dock, with one customer saying:

“It was an education into a visually impaired world in a fun and accessible format, how often do you hear the sentence “I’m having trouble finding it” at the dinner table!”
– Andrea Taylor

Would you like a bespoke Dine in the Dark experience?

Not only do we bring this experience to restaurants across Liverpool, we also have our own venue.

The Garden Suite at Bradbury Fields.

Seating capacity 50.  Full hospitality service provided including fully licenced bar.   Free onsite parking.

Please contact Louise Miller: for more details.