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During the month of January, Bradbury Fields are asking if you would take on the 250 Challenge please?

Decide on something that can have a 250 link – 250 lengths of your swimming pool, 250 laps round the park, 250 miles to run, walk or cycle…..the list is endless.

And you dont have to do it on your own.

Sign up friends, neighbours, colleagues or family to share the challenge with you

Once you have decided what it is you are going to do, think of how it can raise money. If you would like a sponsor form or help with setting up a fundraising platform like Just Giving, do give me a call and I will help you do it.

For more information and/or register your interest call the fundraising office on 07973564310 or the office on 0151 221 0888 or email Gillian on

We are here to help you, can you help us? Always remember, if we all do a little we can acheive a lot